Looking for a way to keep your kids active? Enroll your child in our After school and Taekwondo training program

Are you looking for a way to keep your kids active, enriched and out-of-trouble once regular school lets out? Could you use a few hours for work or run errands with the peace of mind that comes with having your child in a supervised, professionally run facility?

Kim Brothers Taekwondo Academy has the solution for you, of our exclusive Kickin’ Kids After School Program! When you enroll your child in Kickin’ Kids, we provide after school transportation, quality care and academic support.
What’s more, we’ll teach your child martial arts and help develop their physical strength and character. Studies have shown that martial arts lessons can help children improve their self confidence and develop the leadership skills they need to succeed in life. Most of all, they will gain the self-esteem that is proven to result from martial arts training.
If your like most parents, you are probably on a budget. Kickin’ Kids gives you and your child two activities for the price of one… Convenient after school care and enriching martial arts lessons. We pick up our students from school, making this the most convenient and best after school martial arts program in town!